Virtual Reality Service Provider

While our 360 videos are one of the better available for standard playback, we believe they really shine when used with purpose-built VR Headsets. We understand how to make a “presence” in the viewing experience, which is one of the primary challenges in the creation of virtual reality content. We get it done by creating content that is comfortable for an individual, is mindful of the project’s goals, and it is 100% focused on the creation of an excellent person experience.

Live action VR content is new enough to offer an aspect of “wow” to your show everywhere experiential marketing occurs – at a convention, trade show, or other event where you will need your concept to minimize through the sound. 360 Videos are a fantastic way to showcase businesses that give attention to entertainment and events, travel and leisure, training and education. With virtual reality services, we offer the best VR experience possible.

Augmented Reality Service Provider

Augmented Reality services can be conjoined with a variety of real-world what to be utilized as lead to images. Included in these are media distribution, outdoor adverts, presentation and promotional items. After the result in has been triggered a variety of activities can be studied, from playing audio tracks and video, loading text message or activating a social share function.

Augmented Reality allows your products to leap off the site while improving printing with interactive selections, video recording or 3D content to include a fresh dimensions aspect to the client experience. 3D or video related content include a fresh sizing for the client experience.

Blurring the collection between what’s real and what’s computer made by improving whatever we see and notice on a display screen, augmented reality helps bring branded pages alive. Linking digital with catalog, immediate email, point of sales, advertising and other marketing communications.