Point Cloud & Drone Surveys. 3D Architectural Models, HoloBuilder Construction Reports and VR Walkthroughs.

RealityCapture (also known as RC) is photogrammetry service which creates 3D models out of unordered photographs (terrestrial and/or aerial) or laser scans without seams. The most common fields of its current use are cultural heritage (art and architecture), full body scanning, gaming, surveying, mapping, visual effects (VFX) and virtual reality (VR) in general.

Service includes image registration (alignment), automatic calibration, calculating a polygon mesh, colouring, texturing, parallel projections, georeferencing, DSM, coordinate system conversion, simplification, scaling, filtration, smoothing, measurement, inspection, and various exports and imports.

  • Accessible, reliable, detailed documentation.
  • Capturing your site as a point cloud and modelling it in ArchiCad or AutoDesk for you and your team to start designing on straight away.
  • We scan using the latest 4K 360° camera and laser scanner technology to build a point cloud, virtual and photographic model combined into one.
  • Our 3D models and 2D plans capture the imagination of clients and engage decision makers.  At EKM GC we are part of the design revolution, making design attractive to stakeholders, clients and the public.