Through the combination of advanced imagery, measurement capture tools and a variety of mobile transportation platforms, 3D Mobile Mapping enables users to visualise, record, measure and understand environments, wherever they may be.

Detailed visualisation of environments that have previously been very difficult to measure and analyse is now possible, including underground and underwater structures. 3D Mobile Mapping is quick, accurate and more comprehensive than ever before, and is delivering significant benefits to users and asset owners.

Inaccessible areas can be mapped effectively and quickly using the mobile platforms. Where environments would have taken weeks to survey, they now only take days, improving efficiency and productivity.

The technology is already being used to survey major road and rail projects, for mapping urban environments, understanding underground and underwater structures, and to improve safety in power infrastructure and plants around the world.


  • Public Works
  • Utilities
  • Engineering
  • GIS
  • Road & Bridge
  • Railway
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Communications
  • Large Scale Mapping
  • Construction Documentation