Our company has been pushing the boundaries of technology and has developed 360 degree virtual tours, utilizing output from the Laser Scanner (the 360 degree spherical panoramic image) and developing a navigation tool to create online asset maps to navigate through the images which brings the facility to life.

This technology can useful in many ways. For example:

  • Provides a single spherical photo.
  • Can be executed in all lighting conditions.
  • Delivered though interactive web-based viewer.
  • Intelligence population.
  • Real time spatial interaction.
  • Engineering support.
  • Survey preparation.
    • Construction workpacks.
    • Lifting plans/rigging schemes.
    • Design reviews.
  • Health and safety incident reporting.
  • Maintenance Reports.
  • Training / site orientation.

Our Tours

Baden-Baden City Library(Stadtbibliothek Baden-Baden)

SRH TechnologieCampus OG

Evangelische Stadtkirche am Augustaplatz