Mergin Maps

Mergin Maps

With Mergin Maps you can bring QGIS to the field for data collection.

EKM Global Consulting GmbH is an official partner of Mergin Maps.

Mergin Maps Features

Capture points, lines or areas

Create map features with the most appropriate geometry type. Useful also for recording tracks.

See your data on the map

See data you capture on the map as you capture them. Your location is also visible to help with orientation.

Take geotagged photos

Save the location of photos so you can view them on the map. Supports multiple photos per map feature. Extract EXIF data.

Scan barcodes and QR codes

Extract data from QR and barcodes by scanning with the device's camera.

Works offline

Both data capture and editing work offline. Synchronize changes when connectivity returns. Supports pre-loading maps for offline use.

Runs on existing hardware

Designed to run on consumer-grade phones and tablets. Android and iOS versions. Supports external GPS receivers.



Seamlessly integrate Mergin Maps into your existing workflow. Our platform supports easy data transfer and synchronization with your GIS applications, ensuring a smooth experience for your team.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Access Mergin Maps on-the-go with our user-friendly mobile app. Capture and edit data directly from the field, even offline. Stay connected with real-time synchronization when connectivity is available.



Explore the Mergin Maps ecosystem and unlock the full potential of geospatial data collection. Benefit from a wide range of features, seamless data sharing, and collaborative capabilities for efficient project management.

Find more information on the website of Mergin Maps.